Funding for self direct support

Is there a maximum amount of hours/funding Perth & Kinross council will pay for SDS?

Hi no it depends on what you’re using SDS for etc goes to a panel they decide if you’re awarded and how many hours they then pay the set rate for your needs eg carers 10yrs at say £25ph. 250 is paid into the account you then pay them upload all receipts etc

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Yes i understand how it works but i just need to know is there a cap on the amount of hours/finance you can claim?

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No there’s no limit can ask for anything it’s up to them if it’s excessive they’ll tell you

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Lets look at an imaginary scenario:
Your child has learning disabilities, complex health needs, and challenging behaviours.
*The cost of a specialised and remote private placement - which offers containment in a secure facility - might be £350,000 per annum. *
You know your child best, and you come up with a local solution costing a mere £250,000 per annum, that delivers better outcomes in a less restrictive setting.
So, you win the tender.
It is really about cash and quality: but YOU have to demonstrate the credibility to deliver on it, and that comes with time and building up a close and trusted relationship with the decision takers.
SDS is not like winning a fluffy puppy for Christmas. It is about developing long term and close, trusted relationships with the decision makers, over time. Best start early, and work from there.
Our kids can achieve great things, but we need to provide a safety rope: so we have to accept that this means building trust and starting with small, but firm achievements.
Not everyone wants to take on managing a service and employing a staff team directly - we do it, but only because my wife and I have many years management experience. It is perfectly OK to shop around and ask someone else like Cornerstone or Enable to do it on your behalf.

Hi Pollywolly, as others have said there is no limit, as the support provided, i.e. personal budget, must meet the eligible needs of the individual, which are different for everyone.

However, I think most or all local authorities use a resource allocation framework to ensure that money is allocated fairly across all people needing support. I’m not an expert on this process, but what it means from your point of view is that there will be an indicative amount which should be shared with you at the start of the care planning process, which is an “amount that the local authority considers is a reasonable estimate of the cost of securing the provision of support for the supported person” [from Section 7 of Social Care (SDS) Act 2013 guidance: Section 7: Assess (Part 1) Determining Eligibility for Support and Conducting Statutory Assessment of Need - Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013: statutory guidance -].

If you or someone you care for is going through the assessment process, the assessing social worker should be able to give you a rough idea what the personal budget is likely to be from an early stage in the process. If this has not happened you should ask for this information as it is an important part of giving you greater choice and control over how your care and support needs are met.

If you are a unpaid carer living in Perth and Kinross, including a parent carer, you can contact for advice and support. If you are enquiring about your own care, you can contact Support Choices: