PAs and jury service

Has anyone else been called to jury service and what did you do about it?

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Welcome Allison, I think @MarkieBoy and @Les at the PA Network will have some input on this.

I was ‘cited’ (or summoned) for Jury service a couple of years ago to an old and very inaccessible Court venue. There didn’t seem to be any wheelchair access so I’m not sure how some people could take part in Jury Service. It might be helpful for some people to check what access and support arrangements there are with the Court when receiving their citation.

Just in case anyone receiving a citation is a Personal Assistant or a PA Employer, there are a few things to be aware of, regarding:

  • Loss of earnings

  • If you’re ill and unable to attend Court

  • Access to childcare

  • Claiming for Employer expenses, if your PA has to attend Jury service and you need replacement care

  • If you’re a PA on a zero hours contract - can you claim for loss of earnings?

  • If you’re wanting to apply for an exemption as a PA because the person you support cannot replace you

There are a range of Frequently Asked Questions on the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service website which you can find here:

You can find more general ,information on Jury service here:

Hi Allison

You can be excused from jury service in certain circumstances. If your employer cannot spare you then this can be a good enough reason. Please contact the court and if needed get a letter from your employer stating their reason as to why you are needed.

My understanding is that they are sympathetic to requests where possible.



I have had several PAs who really did not want to do Jury service so I have written letters to state I cannot replace them and this has been enough of a reason to let them off.
I have had others who wanted to do it and have encouraged them to if they wished and in this situation, they have to claim back loss of earnings so you still have paperwork to do of some sort. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for replying. My employer has written a letter and I’ll wait and see if I am excused or not.

Thanks for the advice Les.