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I am a mother to two autistic/ADHD boys age 8 and 9.
They are home educated due to severe anxiety regarding school and their needs not being met. I have been advised by another home educating mother of an autistic child that I could possibly get a SDS budget for my children to spend on activities to help them. Any advice welcome, thanks.

Hi @Brookhaven87,

This is definitely possible, but may depend on the eligibility criteria in your local area. Where I live and work, in Perth and Kinross, the Children and Disability Team will only offer an assessment where there is “a diagnosis of Autism with an associated learning disability and where the condition severely affects day to day functioning.” I have seen this referred to as ‘autism-plus’, but according to the law any child with a disability should be entitled to be assessed, including children who don’t have a diagnosis, so don’t let this put you off!

If you search your local’s authority’s website for ‘eligibility criteria’ for children with a disability you will probably find something. If you are entitled to support via SDS, you should be able to choose how to use this, which can be in the form of a direct payment (SDS Option 1), or by using a support provider (via Option 2/3), or a combination of these. In reality, your options may be limited by resources, but parents should be able to use a budget in a wide range of ways to meet the needs of the family as a whole.

There is lots of useful info via the links below, but please feel free to ask any further questions here:

Best of luck finding the support you need.


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Hi and welcome !
Looks possible to me - good luck with it!

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Thank you, I will have a good look at all this provided. Got another question about a relative but I’ll post in a separate thread to avoid confusion.