A new home for Personal Assistant vacancies in Scotland

In case you’ve not seen yet, there’s a new home for Personal Assistant vacancies in Scotland:


My Job Scotland is Scotland’s job website for the public and third sector, and one of the most visited recruitment sites in Scotland. And now, it’s also home to a dedicated page for Personal Assistant vacancies.

The page has been developed as part of the work of the Personal Assistant Programme Board, which aims to further recognise and support Personal Assistants in Scotland.

The new page means for the first time, there is a dedicated national space for employers to advertise for Personal Assistants, and for PAs to find roles to suit them in their community.

At the moment, vacancies can be added to the site by Independent Support Organisations and Local Authorities who advertise roles on Employers’ behalf. If you are an Employer seeking to advertise for Personal Assistants, you can contact your local organisation for help – find their details using the Find Help search tool.


It seems a shame to add to the existing burden on Personal Employers by forcing us to take a different route to organisations. Is there a good reason for this? I suspect that most of us already use a combination of Indeed, with local social media and personal recommendations.
Broadly speaking, I’ve found traditional approaches - using friends and family networks - to be ideal. They are local, informal, and often yield far higher quality verified and vetted local candidates than open advertising, which often brings timewasters and chancers.

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Hi Robert, we are hopeful we may be able to make it possible for Employers to post directly on the site in future but it needs a bit of technical development on the website to be able to do this. You’re right that many people will use a mix of methods to recruit, so the new My Job Scotland page gives another tool in the toolbox to find potential PAs.