Renfrewshire SDS Personal Assistants Facebook Group

Hi l would like to spread the word on a FB group l have created which hopefully will help employers in Renfrewshire and PA’s link up …it has been created to build the bridge in people sourcing a PA through SDS and for PA’s to find positions.

Many thanks



Hi Veronica,
Thanks for your post about the new Renfrewshire SDS Personal Assistants Facebook page, I’m sure this will be really helpful for local people.

If you were looking to share further information on the Facebook page, you could always add a link to the:

There is also a national website where many Personal Assistant jobs are being advertised. At the moment I think it’s only possible for organisations to post job adverts for PAs, so I’m not sure if there is an organisation working in the Renfrewshire area who could do this for local the moment.

The other organisation that might be worth connecting with is the PA Network Scotland, who you can find here:
They host a PA jobs hub which you can see here:
They might well have PAs from the Renfrewshire are that are members that might be interested in being connected with your Facebook group.

It would certainly be interesting to hear how you get on with trying to connect PA Employers with PAs. My colleague Kayleigh Chairs the PA Employer Recruitment sub-group and this might be the kind of development the group would like to learn about.

Many thanks,