PA Employer and PA Handbooks: new online resources for everyone

SDSS has been working with partners to update and redesign the Personal Assistant ¶ Employer Handbook, first published by the Scottish Government in 2014.

You can find out more about the handbook here, and we’d welcome your thoughts below. Let us know what you want the PA Employer Handbook to include :arrow_down:


The books are live and both are accessible from this landing page - check it out Welcome - The PA & PA Employer HandbookThe PA & PA Employer Handbook
We are still interested in your ideas and you can supply feedback from the resource or leave a comment here… :slightly_smiling_face:

Making use of the PAE and PA Handbooks: Online Sessions
Come along to an online session to explore the new resources and:
• Find the information you’re looking for
• How to ask a question and start a conversation with other people
• Where to find local information and support
• How to support people to use the resource
• Arrange an online session with Mark here and Access the new Handbooks here

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