Personal Assistant Employers under Option 1 of SDS (direct payments)

The PA Employer and PA Handbooks:
A new online resource will be launched for PA Employers and PAs on Wednesday 27th July 2022.

This new resource has been developed in partnership with SDS Scotland members and individual PA employers and PAs. The resource is full of information to help PA employers:

  • understand their role and responsibilities as an employer
  • how to go about recruiting and retaining PAs
  • where to go for additional information, advice and support
  • what the rules are when looking to employ family members as PAs

There is also a resource for PAs which highlights:

  • the role and responsibilities of a PA and how this is a unique and rewarding role
  • where to go to find PA jobs being advertised
  • where to find additional sources of advice and support
  • what to do if you are thinking about becoming a self-employed PA

Join the conversation after the PA Employer and PA Handbooks have been launched.

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