Renfrewshire SDS Personal Assistants FB Group

This is a group where people wishing to seek a Personal Assistant through the Self Directed Support System based on Renfrewshire or for Personal Assistants to advertise their service. As a parent who knows how difficult to source a PA or to where to begin to find one l decided to set up a group that could be an easier place to start . Personal assistants based in Renfrewshire can also advertise. The group is not responsible for the Personal Assistants and strongly advises that all checks and references are made to check all PA’s are genuine . I hope this makes the process much easier . All group rules must be adhered to at all times.

Oh dear! ‘Orders must be obeyed’!
(Well it does sound rather fascistic, if you don’t mind my saying so. As a forum, if there are any rules at all, then surely we can just make them up as we go along, as a community?
I disagree with all the rules -as I was not consulted in drafting them.
Are we now clear?