Being assessed for client contribution, money out

Hi My Daughter has been assessed by the council to pay a Client contribution towards her DP. they take into account DLA and ESA. Its gone up from £22.19 last year to £46.75 for 24/25.
They say they don’t take into account any disability overheads. she has a Clausomat toilet and the yearly maintenance contract is £215.00 for this year. she also has a blue badge and has to pay extra for transport. Cosla’s Guidance seems to say that Disability related expenditure should be taken into consideration. Does anyone have any experience with this or anyone that can help me.

Hi Babymurch and welcome, I’ll ask around on this - it might be helpful to link the COSLA guidance you’ve been looking at and what local authority you are in, if possible?

Depending how old your daughter is. If she is an adult and living in a family home she has to pay rent and living expenses to you. That ammount of money is added to monthly/yearly expenditure.
That will certainly stop LA charging your daughter for care

Ill Maybe do that. MidLothian authority

My Daughter is an adult and she is living with us. They only costs they allow and are prescriptive are for Rent £29.00 per week and Council tax £4.82 per week. Which wouldn’t cover any rent.

The maximum charge for renting a room with usage of other facilities in the house is £7500 a year before tax.
Everybody needs to pay for their accomodation regardless where one lives disabled or not.
Your LA should take it on board. After dwducting that sum you will pay 0 towards care.
I would like to see anyone who pays £29/week for accomodation. Maybe 50 years ago.
Hope this helps.

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Our LA just wont budge and are not interested in the actual cost of parents who support their disabled adults. Thats why i have been trying to get some support with legislation.

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Sorry to hear this - I don’t know why anyone should contribute to their SDS unless they have capital over £6k ? But I would think that PIP would cover additional costs related to disability, such as transport and incontinence aids?