Contribution to care

Does anyone have a reference to how much council can charge towards Self Directed Support budget? is there a legal amount you are permitted to have to live on before they charge?

I’m not 100% sure but I think it’s a standard amount of just over £134 a month. That’s the contribution my son has to pay towards his care at present

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It will depend on your Local Authority’s charging policy - the SDS guidance states “the authority can require the supported person to pay a charge towards the cost of any services which meet the supported person’s needs…Local charging policies are a matter for the local authority and should be considered in light of the relevant COSLA guidance.” You should be able to get a copy of the charging policy from the LA.

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Apologies if this should be a new thread. I am looking for advice as to whether a local authority can apply their charging policies to two budgets? They have decided to split my daughters budget into two and want to apply the 70% charge to each. Her financial assessment has produced a sum but I am unsure as to how this maximum charge can be applied across day opportunities and respite? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.