How Many Short Breaks

Hi there, does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of short breaks we can take with my son using his Direct Payment. I am in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

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Maybe one for @AgnesHadden - are you able to pick this up? Sounds like one for you…

Hi Bruce,
Thanks for your enquiry about short breaks. If you’re not already connected with Take Ctrl South Lanarkshire, then they are the local Independent SDS Information and Support service in South Lanarkshire, so they know how things work locally really well.

Part of the answer to your query might come down to what the SDS budget was allocated for. If this was allocated for ‘respite’, or ‘short breaks’ or something that gives you a break from your caring role in some way, this might all be relevant. However, I think you need someone local like Agnes or her colleagues to go through this with you.

I’m assuming that you have an SDS budget made up of money related to your son’s needs and money related to your needs as his carer? It is important for carers to know that they can have a ‘good conversation’ with someone to help produce an Adult Carers Support Plan. If you then meet the local eligibility criteria for support, additional resources might be offered to support your needs. In South Lanarkshire, Lanarkshire Carers can support you with this and you can find more details here: Adult Carer Support Plan - Lanarkshire Carers.
Hope that helps?

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Thankyou to you both for your replies.

Hi Linda Wondering if this is something you may have discussed with your Social Worker as Mark is correct in saying it depends on what needs are identified in the Support plan. Happy to discuss this further if you wish one of us to give you a call?

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I was always told SDS could not be used for short breaks!! Even though he was given respite in his package I think it’s a complicated thing going to be interesting as I used to have to go away for few days whilst my husband looked after our son! 9wks ago he died suddenly so now no respite suitable for my sons needs and nobody else can look after our son? Can’t wait to say what Social work say in this situation?

Hi Linda,
I’m really sorry to hear about your husband and hope that you and your son are managing ok at this difficult time.
One thing this does make me think about is how your circumstances as a carer has changed. It might be helpful to ask for your Adult Carers Support Plan to be updated to take this change into consideration - and would certainly highlight further your need for respite and support that is appropriate for you at this time. This might even include Counselling support if you felt that was helpful.
I don’t know if @AgnesHadden would know of any other local support that was available to you?
Many thanks,

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I’ve a meeting this Friday with new care manager to discuss my needs as a carer but also my sons since his dad death it’s been hard and nobody else can care for my son!! Going to be interesting xx

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