Option one and Respite funding

Does anyone know when respite/short break funding is to recommence? It was suspended during the First Wave of Covid and I have had no luck finding out when it will continue. In addition but on the same subject. Can I use existing funds for Care that has accumulated over the last year to use for the purpose of respite/ short breaks or do I have to wait for a seperate payment? Any thoughts or advice is most welcome



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My SW advised me to use my sons SDS for “out of the box ideas” during Covid and I know the SG updated the guidelines to allow a lot more flexibility for how people could use their budgets. Sadly not every LA will tell you that and there is no consistency in the message they are giving to families

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Hi Linda, this link may be useful although a firm date isn’t set within it Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice for unpaid carers - gov.scot. On using your budget creatively, the COVID-19 guidance clearly states that flexibility should be enabled. You can read more here Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance on self-directed support - gov.scot. You local independent support organisation should also be able to help and you can find details of these on SDS Scotland main website under the search for local services function. Good luck! Becs

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Thanks for the info Jac123. I agree with your comment about consistency. I have also been told verbally by SW that there is more flexibility. It would be nice to have more guidance. None of us want to misunderstand the situation and purpose.

Hi Becs thanks for the link I have printed it out to pour over it this afternoon. At a glance it looks informative and interesting.

Since first lockdown SDS has been taken £24k and £6k this week since no respite was/is available!! Wasn’t allowed to use fir anything else still not getting respite
It’s absolutely disgusting that they can take back funding that’s been deemed essential now back in LA bank account.

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I am in the same position. All funds accumulated during lockdown to be returned and none of the care budget is allowed to be used for respite. ( We have not had a respite payment since July 2019) So much for flexibility!

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Exactly they identified a need for respite/hours to be given won’t allow flexibility even though Scottish Government said they could! Us carers are burnt out yet are forgotten about again!!!
All I hope is in the new government they listen to us and make it fair for all. Xx

The councils answer is now that residential respite is not available and no other option suitable they’re deciding that I get an assessment which is 12 hrs a week where by I HAVE TO GO AWAY!!! Using the funds to pay for accommodation and someone looking after my son for free!!! OR I PAY for accommodation and use the money to pay for a PA!!
It’s ridiculous I don’t want to have to go away I want to rest in my own house!
Arranged a meeting in August to have it out!!!
Not happy SDS is meant to be person centered .

Hi, sorry that you’re dealing with this. Have you checked out your local independent support organisation for advice? Find them by using the Find Help service on www.sdsscotland.org.uk

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Hi yes I have all services are busy and have a waiting list! Will see what comes from meeting in August I have an advocate also who is looking for information but not much available
Thanks x

The same with us. LA has been taking back everything they have given us on monthly basis. They keep sending the same letter/email just to tell us that they are reclaiming the funds. Very bad practice, very insensitive approach. Someone (us) had done the caring in the last 16 months without any help. 24/7 job for unpaid carers. LA is laughing all the way to the bank. They are not paying for care anymoore. Only on the paper.

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I hear you something really needs to be done LA have milked this Covid situation so much yet totally ignore us the ones doing the job with no rest I for one am totally burnt out!! In a fibro flare and do so tired not sleeping etc.

I simply do not have energy to fight. Fully occupied with caring. LA is relying on the fact, that fighting is time consuming. They know full well that we do not have time. As you said LA is milking the Covid situation. Flexibility with accumulated funds is not advertised. We could use the funds in a different way. They not letting us.

Exactly got to pick and choose your battles! As you say full time job plus we do x good luck x

Hi just an update on my original post. I requested a carers plan as I have numerous health conditions. I supplied copies of my medical notes as proof and they finally took note and allocated extra hours to be used on a flexible basis. In fact the monthly care budget for my partner has almost doubled to allow me to sleep undisturbed at times .They are also allowing me to keep the funds accumulated through lockdown so I can use the extra hours with immediate effect. To allow for the paperwork to catch up .We also have the funding for respite /short breaks now . It took several months to get here and a face to face with a social worker who did her utmost to help and we are both benefiting from the new package. What a relief.

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Well done. You have a good understanding social worker. Spread the word to other LA ´s so they take note of it. It is a shame that some people are still getting nothing in a way of help. Enjoy your better quality of life.

Wow that is amazing my council took all funds accrued back changed my sons respite to zero as nowhere for him to go and gave me 12 hrs a week however I have to leave the house and get his dad (separated) to come stay and watch him for free and u use funds to pay for accommodation!!! Not happy about it as my son gets no interaction with peers!!
Ridiculous the ideas they think of just to save money.