Child self direct award advice

Hi im looking for any advice on a few issues were am struggling with as a single parent recently been awarded a budget during this our sw chikdren fsmily worker left before we arranged a plan to use the award on so got duty worker but feel getting no where firstly my daughter has a 2 hour slot at nursery with a 1 to 1 support was told we cant use budget to obtain more support from nursery so ive been looking at other options when i called duty worker a was told this tske weeks to set up ie childminder pa babysitter for respite etc and disclosures needing done sw are aware of many struggles at the moment due to my own health and being diagnosed with a brain issue arising in seizures n constant migraines which may result in an operation being needed when oan medication i feel uneasy due to daughter’s needs being severe and avoid medication at times or less my older daughter helping out i have 3 kids during all this we have had major housing issues with landlord leaving us without water for a week heating gas and water go every 2 days that its now affected my mental health also most recently my washing machine going and flooding us and been left a week without landlord sorting sw have been invokved with landlord they offered us a hotel which under no circumstances is safe for my child especially after sw arranging certain safety measures in our home for my child so are aware the issues child would face and her safety at risk asked could we use budget to provide family respite somewhere suitable for the child to be told no also would not provide taxi to enabke me to get children too school and nursery i was told could arrange 1 taxi at 1pm for child at nursery and i would have to go with her but make oan way back but other children wouldnt be provided any support also no cooking facilities or supoort to eat out also enquired aboit respite for myself to be ignored at times or to be told a plan needs to be done 1st im at my ends wit between housing issues childcare respite etc any advice on how budget works why we arent able to access after been awarded or what budget can be used for i was sure a saw on the glasgow council website family respite but saying we cant use for that even if my 16yr old took chikd in one room and me and other child in another as someone adviced to ask if that be classed as separate respite im clueless to how it all works and how to get the right support in places most are aged 5 upwards unfortunately she is only 4 thanks for listening

Hi Michelle

Welcome to the Forum and thanks for posting. I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve been having arranging support for your daughter.

From your post it sounds like you are in Glasgow. If you haven’t already, I think it would be good to speak to someone at Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living who are SDS experts and may be able to give you some advice.

You can contact them on or 0141 550 4455

I’m also copying in Sharon at GCiL who may be able to respond here @shafar


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