Ideas for Annual PA Survey Analysis

So, the first Annual PA Workforce survey data is in, 917 respondents, and we are looking for interest in what the data might tell us, any thoughts on what you’d like to see from the analysis? Background and expectations are provided here.

To kick things off we’ve had a suggestion that may be able to compare some social service sector workforce data via SSSC where we can see for example that our median age of PA respondents is significantly older (53 vs 45, the mode is 57!)

This may have implications for recruitment and monitoring age year on year, perhaps across Local Authority areas, and could tell us if younger people are coming in to the role and if PA employers are able to benefit from wider choice of employee values/interests and experience.

Hi Jeremy

I think the ideas you have suggested sound great - being able to look at the age of people coming into the sector to work will be interesting which will help gear communications to different age groups. I also think this is valuable to perhaps ensure that PA Employers expectations are real and are met.

It will be really interesting to know if some questions have been answered negatively perhaps due to lack of training or feeling valued (for example) due to covid restrictions or not. We will obviously see that in future years.

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Thanks Lyn, we should see some movement over time between training had in the last year and any other training - I’ll ask @julia to take a look. Big thanks.