Last few days: 'By My Side' Survey - tell us about your experience of using Independent support to access SDS

Last few days: ‘By My Side’ Research looking at people’s experience of using Independent Support to access SDS

Have you had help to sort out your social care support, for yourself or the person you care for, from a local organisation? This could be from:

  • An SDS Information and Support organisation

  • An Advocacy organisation

  • A Carers Centre

  • A Peer Support group

We’d like to hear about your experience, to help us understand:

  • what type of help people need

  • what you found most useful

This is the last few days of the Survey and there’s still time to share your experience.

We have:

  • Paper copies of the Survey

  • An Easy Read version of the Survey

If you would like a paper copy of the Survey please get in touch with:

Mark Han-Johnston
Tel: 07949 143433

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