SDS and Carers: accessing the support that carers need

Self Directed Support is available to carers who meet local eligibility criteria in their area for support under SDS. This criteria might differ depending on which part of Scotland you live in.
If you would like to discuss SDS for carers, including:

  • How carers can access support under SDS
  • Carers rights
  • What the Carers Pathway involves
  • What an Adult carers Support Plan is and a Young Carers Statement
  • What Personal Outcomes are
  • How to access Independent SDS Information and Support
  • Other sources of information and support that are available to carers

You can use this forum to ask a question, ask for information or advice, share something you’ve come across or begin a topic of conversation that is important to you.

SDS Scotland also offer training on SDS for Carers and would be happy to talk to people about running this session in the future.