My Support My Choice Research Scottish Borders

The My Support My Choice (MSMC) Research looked at the experience of people trying to access and make use of Self Directed Support in the Scottish Borders. The research has now been published and a feedback event taken place to make people aware of the main findings.
This is an opportunity to continue the discussion about SDS implementation in the Scottish Borders and to explore ideas highlighted in the research, as well as looking at new developments, such as the Standards for Good SDS and the National Care Service.
What needs to happen to ensure that SDS is fully implemented across the Scottish Borders and to enable people to exercise the choice, control and flexibility that they need over their social care resources?

Can you send me a link to the research and summary?

As a parent managing 2 direct payments for my adult sons, I found there were few practical resources to help me.
We went on to use
A cost support planning tool that help my sons to be involved in how their money was spent.
It helped me to see whrre in the week the priorities were for the budget and prevented me from over spending.

Did you find that often the Direct payment offered by councils falls short of the full cost to someone to purchase the equivellent if it were a commissioned service?

Id be really interested to hear more.
Please let me know if there are any online events to get more information on SDS resources


Hi Rachel,
You can find details of the Scottish Borders Research Report and the Easy Read version here: Experiences of SDS in Scottish Borders - Self Directed Support Scotland | Self Directed Support Scotland

In addition, you can also find the national report, the thematic reports (on the experience of specific groups of people) and the other Local Authority report (at the moment there is only Glasgow) here: My Support, My Choice - Self Directed Support Scotland | Self Directed Support Scotland

In terms of your question about the difference in costs between different options of SDS, this might well be the case. The cost of providing a service through an agency and through a direct payment could be very different. The Council is responsible for providing a level of resources that meet the identified needs that a person has. They also have a responsibility to provide choice as regards the SDS Option that a person might want use. If someone wanted a direct payment (as this might be more appropriate for them), the cost of securing the support the person needs could be very different from the cost of securing support under Option 2 or 3. If someone wanted to change their option, this might mean a change in the amount of resources needed or the cost of securing the relevant support. So this might have to be looked at again by a Local Authority and a different SDS budget allocated for a different option.

We are also going to be advertising a training programme soon which will be open to both SDS Scotland members and non-members, so there might be something there that could be of interest to you. However, if you had an idea for a training session that you might like arranged, just let me know and I can have a look at this.

Many thanks,