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My son’s SDS outcomes are for ‘anything which supports independence and socialisation’. Could this cover restaurant visit with his PA? Thankyou

Hi that’s an interesting use”anything that support independence and social “ I tried that use at my sons review and was told no? But why they state it must be an identifiable outcome! Following this as curious . SDS is meant to be individually needs met but I’m finding more stumbling blocks as it goes on

Yes we are finding a lot of road blocks and less and less autonomy at social worker level.

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Hi I don’t think restaurant visit for him and his pa will be accepted. I found you can however book an outing package that may include lunch. Good luck :wink:

Thanks for that. Not quite sure what you mean by ‘outing package’?

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Well said. There is always “no “”answer to such as restaurants visits or anything which would help towards independence. Saying that —social workers have huge powers and they decide what one is getting and what not… They often do not understand the family situation and cared for person outcomes.
It´s all about powers and money.

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Hi there,

I have to say, my experience is that the front line SW have very limited power, everything seems to have to go higher up.


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Hi there, I know this is an older thread but I’m interested to know what local authority you are in and how you are getting on - I was trying to understand if you wanted to use budget to pay for the meal or to assist you son to access the restaurant?

Hi there,
I am in South Lanarkshire. It was more the payment of the meal for my son and PA. His outcomes are socialisation and independence and restaurant visits seem to fit the bill. Thankyou.

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@AgnesHadden love to hear your views on this, I’ve reached out to the SL HSCP for comment.

Hi Apologies I am just catching up with these now. If a person wishes to go for a meal, that is their choice and they would be expected to pay for this themselves. Should they require additional support to go to a restaurant the budget would pay for the PA to attend with you son. ie wages. The cost of the PAs meal, may in some circumstances come from the Direct payment budget, however this would be dependent on the outcomes identified in the Support Plan and at a reasonable cost, not for 3 course steak dinner!

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I disagree with the above statement. SW have powers abd can make one s life even more difficult than already is. And whats more who is aware what about the correctness of advise/ or non advise they are giving to their clients. Noone above in the hirarchy of LA knows.