SDS Option 1 contract in easy read format

Is anyone aware of an Easy Read version of the SDS Option 1 contract? And willing to share as a nudge, template for another local authority? (Asked on Twitter)

SDSS response: Responsibility for the production of an easy read option one contract lies with the local authority carrying out the needs assessment/eligibility assessment. The Self-directed Support Statutory Guidance highlights that social work practice during assessment of need and provision of support/services must be underpinned by a human rights approach. Section 4.9 explains the key principals which include participation, whereby a person’s communicational access needs must be met.

The new Self-directed Support practice standards introduced by Social work Scotland (3 & 9), also outline that provision of support/services must be person-centred and transparent in relation to demonstrating that people have been able to understand the 4 SDS options. We hope that this information is helpful and please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further assistance.