Using an SDS Budget to pay for Community Brokerage Support

Hi SDS Forum,
I received an enquiry about the use of an SDS budget (under Option 1) to pay for the support of a Community Broker. I couldn’t find any reference to this in any legislation, guidance, standards, good practise or handbook.

Would anyone know of any specific reference to this, at either a local or national basis?

It is possible to find reference to the flexibility that people should be able to exercise regarding the use of their SDS budget to meet their Personal Outcomes, but nothing specifically about Community Brokerage.

I can see how Community Brokerage might support people with a range of activities, such as:

  • Putting together a Personal Outcomes Plan

  • Being connected to other forms of information and support locally

  • Recruiting Personal Assistants

If anyone had any further reference to this in a document, that would be really helpful.

Many thanks,

@Becs @Kayleigh

Hi Mark

For Highland, it is likely that Therese is referring to the use of brokerage to manage the direct payment. Please do point her in our direction as we can help with the other aspects under or SiRD funding.

Take care


Hi Becs,
Many thanks for that. I was wondering whether Therese might be thinking about Payroll support rather than the wider definition of Community Brokerage. I will certainly point her in your direction.
Many thanks,

@Becs @Kayleigh