Using SDS for night time care

My two parents are in their nineties and have moderately advanced dementia. A ‘full package of care’ is provided for my father (ie 4 visits, 90 minutes/day in total from SWD carers) My mother was recently assessed and told she is not going to receive any form of support, even though she’s confused disorientated and vulnerable.
The SW didn’t mention self directed payment at any stage. When I read about SDS I asked two SWs if it could be used for overnight care as this is when my parents are most vulnerable. (At the moment the family is paying privately for carers each night, at a cost of about £4K per month). The reply from SW was that SDS cannot be used for overnight care as the local council doesn’t provide that care (although it used to,
pre budget cuts) I was told that if it is used for this there would be sanctions.
The suggestion was then that if they’re not safe overnight then they need to be moved to 24 hour care which the family doesn’t want until it’s absolutely necessary. Meanwhile I’m getting more and more exhausted.
Has anyone else been in a similar position or know if the advice I’ve been given is correct?
Thank you!!

I am in same boat as you….

Sorry to hear it. I’ll post if I find a solution

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You may have already resolved this issue, but can I ask, what option of SDS are you using?

Most LAs have a threshold of (say) 20 hours support a week, after which they decide that it is more cost-effective to transfer your granny to a nursing home. This has some flexibility in the case of end-of-life care, which might get top-up funding from the NHS, but tbh, its all a bit of a postcode lottery, and you need to make a powerful case. I know, I know, it is deeply unsatisfactory and unethical.

My son is in receipt of 24/6 funding: we are expected to support him one day a week, which is OK at present. The bizarre thing to me is the distinction between adults with support needs, and elderly folk. My own parents self funded a live in carer for about 4 years before they died in their 90’s.

I have emailed the social worker regarding night care. She has not replied and she is ignoring my request. As this is an imminent issue i would like your advise what to do? The cared for person needs 24/7 care. We are absolutely exhausted ( my husband and I) with getting up 3-4 times during the night. There is unspend money on the managed account. Time to time on regular intervaks LA is reclaiming the funds.

The other issue i have with the social worker; we are legal guardians to our adult child. Every two years we update the legal guardianship document. Last update was in July ‘23 To this date i have not had the copy of the document which should have been approved by us before filing it in LA files. I keep asking without any results.
Can you advise please? I am at the end my teather with such substandard unprofessional non communication with social worker. I have unanswered emails since last year and this year.
Thank you for your advise in advance.

You have no option but to escalate to the team leader level. Stay calm and be nice - but very firm.

Good afternoon unfortunately the info is correct they do t pay for overnight care which is ridiculous hope you find a solution
Would having camera/alarms on doors help??