What are the rules on savings (capital for Direct Payments)

Im trying to find out the criteria for getting direct payments. Ive come across info saying they are means tested but Im having difficulty getting info on how it works. Specifically what the limits of capital are and if its a cliff edge type thing or not.

Hi heligany,

Direct payments themselves are not means-tested (they are one of the ways you can choose to receive support), but if you are eligible for social care support this can sometimes be. However, any social care support that is provided for personal care (see here: Free personal and nursing care: questions and answers - gov.scot (www.gov.scot)) or to support an unpaid carer, e.g. respite, is FREE, regardless of income, savings and assets.

If the care being provided is for something that doesn’t fall under one of these two things, there would be a financial assessment to determine if the person receiving the care had to make a payment towards it. It’s not very easy to find the capital limits in Scotland, but your local authority social work or finance team should be able to give you info on how they carry out a financial assessment.

There is more info about this here:

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Some info on this in the new SDS Handbook: Paying towards your social care support (care charging) - The SDS HandbookThe SDS Handbook