Is there a course directed towards relatives of people in receipt of social care?

We had an enquiry on twitter today about this today and it may come up for others, so here are some options:

  • Open Badges Scheme:

There are still some Open Badges which I think are available to anyone which you can find here:

Find out about SDS

Where to go for info

Better conversations

  • MECOPP training:

In addition, there is also an online course based on the MECOPP training, called ‘Self-Directed Support- Making the Law Work for You SDS, Human Rights and Equalities’. This might be more than an introductory course. You can find further details here:

  • Carers:

If people are in a caring role then they might be able to access information and training through the Coalition of Carers here: or their local carers centre. In addition, certain organisations like Age Scotland run training sessions on SDS for dementia carers, details of which people can find here

  • SiRD funded organisations:

Many SiRD funded organisations run information and training sessions, so it might be worth being connecting with your local organisation. Use this resource and put your postcode in.

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