Increase in pa salaries

My sister has a sds and this year la is not including the wage uplift of 3% due to the increase in salaries are they allowed to do this

Hi Seonad, welcome to the forum

PAs who support adults should be paid at least a minimum hourly rate, which from this April rose to £10.90 an hour. You can read more about this on the PA Handbook:

Are you in contact with your local independent support organisation? They may be able to help you and your sister deal with the council when it comes to the level of SDS budget she gets. If you can let me know where abouts in Scotland you are I can share their details, or you can search for them yourself here:


Hi Seonad - as Kayleigh said, it would depend to some extent on the local authority. If your sister’s council area already funds a rate sufficient to pay £10.90ph or more then i suspect there won’t be any urgency to uplift.
Alternatively, the LA may be taking some time to cost an increase in line with council budgets, and then they’ll backdate a rise. In the past we’ve known councils approve an uplift as late as December, backdated to April (which can cause it’s own problems) - but it shows it can take a while.


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