Visual assessment resource

Assessment is all about coproducing a solution together.
Has anyone taken a look at
Designed by a family carer to visually explain to a social worker where her sons’ areas of strength and independence as well as their areas of need were across a week, she was able to negotiate a better care and support plan and personal budget.

Assessments can be daunting and overwhelming, with so many formal questions to answer areas to cover its hard to recall them on the day of the assessment.

Being prepared with use of person centred planning resources and the 247grid, can empower families to get across the really important things in an assessment. Use them as conversation starters, refering to the visual resources to explain the kind of support you’re looking for.

The 247grid can also calculate the cost of support too, so you can ‘test out’ the Personal Budget you’ve been offered to see if it is adequate enough to meet need.

Good luck!

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